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Retro Blaupunkt Radio Ipod Lead

Submitted with thanks by Jellybelly.

A few people have asked for this over the years.

As i had mine in bits I thought I would provide a bit of a how to. First of all you need the stuff, I got mine from Maplins so I have provided the links…
Tools needed:

  • Wire cutters
  • Stanley Knife
  • Soldering iron

    Here's what you do…

    Cut one end off your Male to Male jack lead

    Then get your DIN plug and wire it up like this
  • lead1.jpg

    Put the DIN plug back together and job done, or so you would think.

    When you have the DIN lead plugged in without anything attached, the radio is very quiet!!!

    So now you need to get the line socket and wire it up like this:


    This links the cable and makes the radio run at normal volume. When ever you haven't got you ipod attached this plug needs to be on so you can hear the radio. Now this is it!!! You can run it a different way.

    I have a 3.5mm chassis socket mounted in the glove box. this replaced your 3.5mm male end


    But this means you will need another 3.5mm stereo Male to Male Jack Lead this just make everything nice and tidy.

    Total cost less 10 for ipod tunes on your retro radio. If anyone wants one making if you haven't got the equipment to do so, i can do so send me a Message. Enjoy!

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