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Vdo wiring help!


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Hi wondering if anyone here can help me out? I've got a mk1 golf gti s2 with a abf conversion and I've just got a set of Audi 80 gauges to fit but I'm having trouble with the wiring. I've got the original mk1 vdo loom and I've replaced the wires at the gauge end of the loom and still have the original plugs  at the other end, I've connected the loom up to the 2 plugs on the dash but I seem to have a male plug in the dash loom that I think might be part of it but I'm not sure where it goes? 5CBE6D91-7B15-4391-9CD6-85949F7124D0.jpeg 1EC8700A-0F0F-4B65-8E5D-F8F153DA8647.jpeg 3E0F188C-2C87-4475-A362-4326E268B99D.jpeg


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That's got a live, an earth and a dash light feed. I think it may have been the feed for the cigarette lighter panel.


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Thanks for the reply I had another look yesterday and it's permanent live so guessed it might be to do with the cig lighter, I checked the other plugs that I've connected and there's no power at the dash loom end so was going to change the plan a bit and run a wire to the back of the fuse box for ignition live. 


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i scrapped all that and started again, also used LEDS, did mine couple weeks back.

here is the easiest wiring diagram to double check but also there is a link for the back of fuse box bottom of this post that rubjonny sent me


i just took the switched live from G3 spade. much easier and direct.


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here are some photos (apologies of quality) of what I came up against and what I did, may help?

behind ash tray as yours mine was bodged by one of previous owners so contended wit that then took the headlight switch live by splicing the grey/blue wire from ciggy lighter (3 x 12v leds, also gain the dash dimmer function)


What I had to start with (were in boot when bought the car)


pics of start to new wiring


finished new loom (minus the 2 feeds from engine bay as i added these and connected once I replaced console)






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Thanks for the reply h3lter I used the same diagram for the wiring but didn't notice there was a bit for the fuse box as well I'll have a look into it👍🏼 So you took the power for the gauges from g3 and spliced the leds into the loom I have in my first on the blue and grey wire? Is that correct?


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From What I can see from that photo/connector yes bud.

Blue/grey from behind ciggy lighter def the headlight/dimmer for illumination

G3 spade deffo on back of fuse box

I'm waiting on the twin pole pressure sender and all should be sorted. 

I got a new temp sensor and t-piece for the oil temp and that's on top of the oil filter housIng. As soon as sender turns up that's going in side of engine head

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