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OEM Vs Non-OEM VW Spares

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As a Volkswagen car owner it is very important for you to be aware of OEM and non OEM parts. The full form of OEM is original equipment manufacturer and when it comes to the maintenance and repairs of your car you must be informed about its parts and spares. Original and genuine parts and vw spares ensure that you get the best for your car. It is able to perform to its optimal levels in the long run and give you no hassles once you hit the road.

Now in the market you will find that presence of non OWM parts and spares. Being aware of the differences between both will help you take good care of your car and save lots of money in the long run too. Now the market is abundant with both OEM and non OEM vw spare parts. This is the sole reason why you should be updated on the differences of both so that you can make the best investment for your prized Volkswagen car.

Given below are the three main differences of non OEM and OEM parts -

1. Non -OEM vw spares cost less than OEM parts.
2. Non-OEM Parts can be found anywhere. You can get them at car shops and dealers of vw spare parts.
3. OEM parts are guaranteed for their quality however non OEM parts are not.

Advantages Of OEM Spare Parts

From the above it is evident that OEM parts are always the first choice for millions of Volkswagen car owners across the globe. Investment in OEM parts is a wise and smart choice. The following are the benefits you get when you go for vw spare parts -

• You should never place your car at risk. When you go in for non-OEM parts you make the vehicle susceptible to risks. OEM parts for your Volkswagen do not carry any kind of risks or flaws with it. The vehicle gets high quality and guaranteed parts that ensure its smooth running and optimal performance.
• OEM vw spares are manufactured in the precise specifications. They fit into your car perfectly. There are no loose fittings and fears of the spares falling out of place when the car is moving. Moreover these parts ensure the safety of the passengers who are traveling in the car. They ensure you are protected and not vulnerable to small or major accidents.
• They may seem cheap and lower cost than OEM parts but investing in non OEM parts tends to increase expenses in the long run. The expenses incurred are not small but they are huge. The upfront costs for an OEM part may seem a bit higher however you are making a wise investment for the future for your vehicle and pocket.

Thus from the above it is evident that OEM vw spares have more benefits and value over non OEM parts. This means you are able to not only save money but also protect your near and dear ones who are traveling in your Volkswagen with you effectively!