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1981 Mk1 Golf Cabriolet project...

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I have recently taken on board a Mk1 Golf Cabby, which needs a lottttt of work, and I'm planning on blogging the process!

Here's a few snaps of it to start off with!

Cosmetic plans are to:
  • Respray; not sure whether to keep it yellow? Or to change it's look completely…. it was originally white!
  • Fit a whole new roof; This one is very leaky and has definitely seen better days! Preferably black, however this will depend on the chosen colour for the respray….
  • Remove the bumpers (dependent on the body work underneath lol!)
  • New rear seats; The current set are rotten due to the leaky roof so will need replacing, if I come across a cheap set that need attention I'm planning on re-covering them
  • Cover the front seats to match the rear!
  • I'm thinking of keeping the current wheels on there, as they may look a little better if the right height is lowered (not too low as I have experienced the frustration of driving (slowly) in many low cars!) however I do have a set of Ronal Turbos that might look good…
There are plenty more odd jobs that need attention, which I'm sure I will be reminded of over time, but the above are the main few!

it is surprisingly mechanically sound, a new ceramic fuse box has been purchased which just needs to be fitted, but other than that it is a good runner for it's age!

Thanks for looking!:$