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1983 1800cc K-Jetronic GTI "the all white" Karman Cabriolet rebuild

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Hi All

I am currently rebuilding a 1983 1800cc K-Jetronic GTI "the all white" Karman Cabriolet that we have had for 20 years, I hope to post some pics and ask many an opinion.
The car is totally original, as sold in 83 as "the all white golf".

At the moment the car is totally stripped and on axle stands, and has had a new front valance and cross member, rear lower valance,†front outer wings, rear inner and outer wings fitted.
the curved flap around the rear has been rebuilt as it had rotted in places, as has the†rear rim†of the spare wheel well.
its almost ready for primer!

At present I am about to refit all the running gear, and am at my first dilemma!

poly bushes over standard bushes,

anyone is welcome to chuck their tuppence in here!