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Leaking cabby - please help!

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Good afternoon all!

I am a 'newbie' in the motoring world and have decided to purchase a 1985 Mk1 Cabriolet 1.8 GTI as my first car!

The car has been running perfectly well (mechanically), however a few other minor problems have arisen, as expected - these are listed as below, any help/advice will be very much appreciated.

1 - Leaking roof!

There is a constant dripping from the rubber seal in the top left hand corner of the drivers window and top right hand corner of the passengers window (as if you are sat inside the car - please see picture for example).

Having looked at how the roof sits on the window and the condition of the seals, i am unsure of why these are leaking? Has anyone experienced this before?

2 - Gauges!

The gauges have been working fine since picking up the car however the speedometer cable has been making some noise.. A few days ago the MPH clock has stopped working, however the RPM clock is still working. Again, any advice/guidance is welcome.

Finally……. 3 - The heaters!

When I initially viewed the car the heaters were working well but when i returned to complete the purchase of the car they weren't working at all.. I believe this is to do with the fuse -  can somebody enlighten me on which fuse I need and where this goes???

Thank you,