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Option codes - A78 & 771

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I'm new to the Club and am currently residing overseas in Abu Dhabi after a 10 year stint working with the Audi, VW, Porsche and Skoda importer here

Many years ago (1988) I had the pleasure of owning an '83 GTI 1.8 (non Campaign model) Mars Red with a factory sunroof
I remember back then paying 3,600GBP for the car, ran it for 9 months and replaced it with an '84 Campaign in Silver.
The non campaign car was by far tidier and I have many fond memories of this car.
Both cars are now ancient history and long gone, hopefully still in service?

Now, some 26 years on, I've gone and bought myself an '83 1.8 LHD drive car with an alleged 104,000KM and only 2 previous owners.
The car is being collected (non runner) as I write by an old friend of mine who has a body shop in Winchester close by to my family home there.

The plan is to restore the car and eventually bring it over here to use in the cooler months.
Judging by some of the photo's I think I'm going to have my work cut out and I'm probably looking at a good 18 months project.

I need to ask for some help… The boot floor id sticker states 4 option codes, 2 of which I know relate to green tints.
The 2 that I'm stuck on are A78 and 771 - anyone have a clue on these?

Additionally, I'm in pursuit of the following parts:

Complete LHD lower dash panels
Centre console
Gear lever gaiter and surround
RHS door card and armrest
Carpet set complete

All of which need to be in VGC

Can anyone help me on the above too?