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Sill and floor pan repair


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Actually got a bit done this weekend as the wife took the kids out for a bit.

Lost a load of photos due to a hard drive failing in the computer but got the final pictures. Just need to grind the welds down and apply a small bit of filler to smooth it all off.  Welds have got better since the first bits i tried a couple of weeks ago, they were really dodgy but managed to sort it and quite confident about them now (famous last words!)

Got a few bits to sort out, fill the small gap near the drain hole, re-drill a hole for the drain plug (not sure about this one), then grind it all down and cut the extra lip off that i left on. Shame the replacement panel didn't have the same shape to it than the original, but it's underneath the car, if anyone sees that then good luck to them.

If anyone sees anything wrong let me know, this is only the second bit i've put on the car, i won't show you the first!!  :$

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Have you been using some weld proof primer on the inside of the panels prior to welding them?

 Its a good idea to help prevent your repairs rusting from the inside out as some places/repairs are hard to get to once you've covered them with a repair panel(s).

Keep up the good work - we're watching you know :thumbs:
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