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Considering a 2E engine conversion for my mk1 Cabby


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Off season in what feels like the midst of winter, I suddenly feel inspired to pickup the planning for my summer project where I last left it. It's still lingering in it's winter hideout, but this is a long term prospect.

The background is that I have a mk1 Cabby MY92 and have had problems with the original engine since the day one. The original engine is a 2H variety with digifant 2 and catalyst converter. I've never succeeded in getting it to work properly, despite numerous different approaches. And during this course of trying to get it to run as it should, the thought of exchanging it has grown on me. Now, I know its somewhat of a false thought to replace an engine instead of fixing the original one, but since I can't isolate any fault to the existing setup, the switch to a completely different one (refurbished of course) seems tempting.

Of all the engine swaps out there I've got hung up on one in particular, the two litre 2E-conversion. The main reason is that there's one available for me for free since a neighbour has a 92 Vento with this engine that he's agreed to donate to me, the other one temping aspect s that it's one of the few options with minimum modifications required but will still fly under the inspection's radar, both power-vise but also in appearances.

The car's MOT (or inspection due date) have run out and now is a suiting time to make the mod since I count on getting another of my project cars on the road next summer. But the question is, what does it take to make this engine fit and would you recommend it? I've read the guides and got confused by one or two dead links. This is my thread to collect all the knowledge I feel I need to proceed in this particular instance.

With kind regards from Sweden/Kee
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